• How to Find Your Workplace Family

    Posted in General Healthcare on Sep 24, 2021

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    Anyone who has spent time in the working world knows how important it is to like the people you work with. Having a good support system while on the job is absolutely essential. So, how do you find a company that truly aligns with your desires in this area? How can you find that workplace family that makes work feel less like, well... work?

    Here are some quick tips to find your workplace family:

    Focus on the culture.

    When it comes down to it, finding the right fit is a culture question above all. If the culture at an organization isn’t right for you, you’ll have a hard time fitting in, not to...

  • Healthcare Professionals: It’s Time for a Career Check-in

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Sep 17, 2021

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    It’s safe to say that the working world has changed tremendously over the past year and a half or so. But for healthcare professionals, things are a little different. These individuals have been right in the thick of it all this time. Now that things are (hopefully) starting to calm down a bit, it’s a good time for a career check-in. It’s important to take stock of your career and think about what you might want to change, if anything.

    Here are some exciting career possibilities that you might want to consider if you’re ready for a change:

    Travel Nursing

    Travel nursing is a dynamic, fun-fille...

  • 3 Things to Consider Adding to Your Employee Handbook Thanks to COVID

    Posted in Managers on Sep 10, 2021

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    It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has had many lasting impacts on the way we work and live. One area you may not have thought about is your company’s employee handbook. By now, it’s time that you make some updates to address the new normal.

    Here are some areas to consider updating in your employee handbook thanks to the pandemic:

    Updated Health and Safety Guidelines

    If there’s one area of the employee handbook that makes sense to update after a pandemic, it’s the health and safety section. If employees will be assembling in physical workspaces, add guidance on social distancing, hand washing/s...

  • 5 Tips on How to Survive Working the Night Shift in Healthcare

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Sep 03, 2021

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<p>Working the night shift in a healthcare setting definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s a tough job, but a rewarding one. If you’ve recently found yourself transitioning to night shift work, here are some tips to help you get through it:</p>
<h3>1.) Get enough sleep.</h3>
<p>Night shift work is sure to disrupt most healthcare workers’ sleep schedules. That’s why making sure you get enough sleep outside of work is essential. Without it, you’ll be groggy when you’re on the job, and that’s not good for anyone. You’ll need to train your body and mind to establish a new sleep routine – stick with it until it becomes ...</p></p></p>
            <h3><a href=How to Beat the Mid-Week Stress

    Posted in Job Seekers on Aug 30, 2021

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    Do you ever hit the middle of the workweek and feel stressed out, exhausted, and hopeless? It’s more common than you might think. The mid-week blues affect many people across a variety of fields. Luckily, there are ways to beat it.

    Use these tips to beat that dreaded mid-week stress:

    Plan your day and week.

    Sometimes, we get stressed by mid-week because we have no idea what’s coming next. Try planning out your day and the rest of the week. This can give you some structure to the rest of the week so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

    Get organized.

    Is your work space a mess? Digital files in ...

  • What NOT to Do on a Travel Nurse Assignment

    Posted in Job Seekers on Aug 23, 2021

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    Are you about to start a travel nursing assignment for the first time? Are you considering entering into this exciting part of the nursing profession? We spend a lot of time thinking about what to do on a travel nursing assignment, but what about what NOT to do?

    Here’s what you shouldn’t do on your travel nursing assignment:

    Don’t make assumptions.

    Try not to make assumptions when beginning your travel nursing assignment. It’s easy to assume certain things depending on the placement itself, where it’s located, the facility, the team. However, you may find out that most of your assumptions are...

  • How Can You Protect Your Team from the Delta Variant of COVID-19?

    Posted in General Healthcare on Aug 16, 2021

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    Just when you thought we were through the pandemic and could see the light at the end of the tunnel, variants of the virus started springing up. The most well-known at the moment, the Delta variant, presents real problems, especially for those in the healthcare sector who are still up-close-and-personal with COVID-19. So, how can you make sure your team is protected from the Delta variant?

    Encourage vaccination.

    The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 and its variants is by getting as many people vaccinated as possible. While you can’t force your healthcare staff to get vaccinated if they...

  • Take Your Healthcare Career to New Heights by Going Back to School

    Posted in Job Seekers on Aug 09, 2021


    Are you interested in advancing your career in the healthcare world? One of the best ways to do it is to go back to school and get more education. That can open doors for you to secure advanced positions, take on more responsibilities, and command a higher wage.

    Let’s take a look at just a few of the advanced certifications and degrees you can get to boost your healthcare career.

    Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

    Interested in medical coding? You can become a Certified Professional Coder by obtaining your CPC certification. Most programs will require that you have a high school diploma, and ...

  • Are Short-Term Nursing Assignments Right for You?

    Posted in Job Seekers on Jul 26, 2021

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    Have you ever considered taking on short-term nursing assignments? It’s an alternative to more permanent placements at hospitals or medical facilities, and many nurses find that it’s the right choice for them. If you’re trying to make that choice for yourself, read on to find about a few of the great benefits of short-term assignments:

    You can practice in a variety of settings.

    Short-term staffing opportunities are available in hospitals, physician’s offices, medical clinics, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and much more. That means you’ll have the chance to practice in a wide vari...

  • How to Lead Your Team Through a Crisis

    Posted in Managers on Jul 19, 2021

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    Do you see a crisis brewing on the horizon at your job? Whether it’s a lawsuit, layoffs, a merger, an impossible project, or anything else that could throw your office into a tailspin, it’s up to you to lead your team through this challenge. While no two situations are the same, there are a few standard practices that apply to almost any crisis. Follow these guidelines to keep your team sane until the chaos has settled down:

    Stay organized.

    When you keep things organized for your entire team, you’re doing your part to reign in the chaos. Even if a crisis situation is happening around you, ma...