• Want to Become an LVN? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Jul 18, 2022


    Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) are indispensable members of healthcare teams in hospitals, medical centers, long-term care facilities, surgical centers, and other facilities across the country. From gathering health history, performing crucial medical tasks, and working with a larger health team to produce positive patient outcomes, these individuals' skills are lifesaving—literally. And the job outlook for LVNs is good; the field is expected to grow by nine percent between 2020 and 2030, according to the BLS.

    Are you interested in becoming an LVN? Here's what you'll need to do:

    Graduate f...

  • Solo Job Searching vs. Working With a Healthcare Staffing Agency

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Jul 11, 2022

    Job Searching.jpg

    Let's face it: the job search can be exhausting. And frustrating. And time-consuming. It's easy to get discouraged and settle for less than you deserve. That's just one of the reasons it's a good idea to rely on the professional services of a healthcare staffing agency. Rather than going at it alone, partnering with an agency means you're getting a job-search expert in your corner, working with you at every step of the process to land you a role you love.

    Here are just some of the pros of working with a healthcare staffing agency:

    Recruiters have exclusive access to top jobs.

    Often, employers...

  • Additional Certifications to Boost Your Healthcare Resume

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Jul 04, 2022

    Additional Certifications.jpg

    One of the great things about the healthcare field is that you never stop learning. The medical world is always advancing as new medications, techniques, and approaches come to the forefront. And healthcare professionals can grow their careers as they learn more by gaining additional certifications.

    Here are just a few examples of some of the certifications you can earn to expand your potential as a healthcare professional and advance your career:

    Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

    Enroll in a CPC certification program to learn about the principles of medical coding and how these concepts tie...

  • Improving Your Nurse Retention Rates

    Posted in General Healthcare, Managers on Jun 13, 2022

    Nurse Retention.jpg

    The past two years have put an incredible strain on our healthcare professionals, and we’re seeing significant staffing shortages in the nursing profession as a result. That, combined with greater numbers of Baby Boomers retiring from the workforce, means healthcare facilities are in need of talented nursing staff more than ever before. And retaining the great talent you already have is paramount, too.

    Here are four ways to improve your nurse retention rates:

    Offer competitive pay and benefits.

    To keep your facility’s highly skilled nursing professionals happy, you need to offer competitive, ...

  • Managing Patient Grief as a Healthcare Professional

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Jun 06, 2022

    Paient Grief.jpg

    At some point or another as a healthcare professional, you're going to lose a patient. Grieving the death of a patient is not an easy experience, but it's an important one. And here's the good news: there are plenty of resources at your disposal as a healthcare professional to help you deal with your loss.

    Here are four tips for managing grief when you lose a patient:

    Don't bottle it up.

    One of the worst things you can do when you lose a patient is to bottle up your emotions. The first step is to acknowledge and accept your own grief. From there, you'll want to talk to a trusted family member...

  • Bilingual Nurses Are Changing the Game in Healthcare

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on May 09, 2022

    Bilingual Nurses.jpg

    Picture this: You’re in another country where you don’t speak the language. You get sick or injured and need to go to the hospital, but no one can understand you. Scary stuff! Now, imagine that a nurse there understood you and was able to speak your language to help put your mind at ease. This is the power of bilingual nurses.

    Being bilingual in the healthcare field is a great thing for you as a medical professional and for the patients under your care. According to data from telelanguage.com, English is the most spoken language in America, followed by Spanish. After that comes a variety of C...

  • How to Advocate for Your Patients

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Apr 18, 2022


    In any healthcare role, advocating for your patients is extremely important. It’s your job, after all—you’re there to support them in whatever way you can. But what exactly is patient advocacy, and how can you advocate properly for the patients under your care?

    What is Patient Advocacy?

    Patient advocacy is the act of supporting or promoting the best interests of patients. In your role, this largely has to do with healthcare itself, although it isn’t necessarily limited to that. You have an obligation to protect your patient from harm in whatever form that harm may be. You can’t necessarily te...

  • 5 Signs a Career in Healthcare is Right for You

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Apr 04, 2022


    Have you been considering a new career in the world of healthcare? It's a great choice for a rewarding, challenging, and eye-opening career path. But the truth is that the healthcare field isn't right for everyone. Here are five signs a career in healthcare is right for you:

    You're empathetic.

    Empathy is different than sympathy. Sympathy essentially means feeling sorry for someone. As a nurse or another kind of healthcare professional, you want to practice empathy: putting yourself in someone else's shoes and truly attempting to understand what they're feeling and what they're going through. ...

  • RN or BSN: Which is Right for You?

    Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Mar 21, 2022

    RN vs BSN.jpg

    There are many paths one can take in the field of nursing. Many consider the designation of Registered Nurse (RN) to be the gold standard. Being an RN means you’ve achieved a certain level of education and status in the world of healthcare, and it’s also a great stepping stone toward more advanced roles in hospital or healthcare settings. The BSN designation is an educational one, not a job title. BSN means Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing—it’s a college degree that allows you to become an RN or other positions in healthcare, although you don’t necessarily need a BSN to become an RN.

    Let’s ex...

  • Retaining Your Healthcare Team in 2022

    Posted in General Healthcare, Managers on Mar 14, 2022

    Retaining Healthcare Team.jpg

    The Great Resignation has impacted industries of all sorts over the past year or so, and the healthcare world is no exception. Nurses are resigning in record numbers, and it’s more difficult than ever to retain your top team members. As you know, it’s far more costly to keep re-hiring again and again than it is to simply retain the great people you already have working for you.

    As we continue forward in 2022, what can your organization do to keep your nurses and healthcare experts in place throughout the year?

    Pay Team Members What They’re Worth

    One of the simplest ways to retain your healthc...