10 TED Talks to Inspire Healthcare Professionals

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Looking for a little inspiration as a nurse or healthcare professional? Sometimes, one video is all it takes. Take a look at our list of 10 TED Talks that will be sure to inspire anyone working in the medical profession or considering joining the world of healthcare.

What if You Became a Nurse?

Nurse, writer, and nonprofit founder Sana Goldberg reveals many of the hidden connections between a liberal arts education and nursing. It just might inspire you to join the profession yourself!

Nurse Innovation: Saving the Future of Healthcare

Most nurses would agree that they should be more involved in the design of healthcare workflows and products. Nurse entrepreneur Rebecca Love dives deep on this topic in her TED Talk.

What if Our Health System Kept Us Healthy?

Rebecca Onie’s TED Talk is all about the transformation of the electronic medical record from a repository of diagnostic information to an actual tool used to promote health, and how we can apply that logic to today’s healthcare landscape.

Do You Ask Doctors Nursing Questions?

Because of the increased specialization in the world of healthcare, patients don’t always understand the differences between a doctor’s role and a nurse’s role. In this TED Talk, clinical professor Carissa Enright empowers patients to ask the right questions.

How to Manage Compassion Fatigue in Caregiving

The path to wellness begins with awareness. Caregivers need to understand the complexity of the emotions they’re juggling — Patricia Smith’s talk is a great way to start doing that.

How to Make Stress Your Friend

The newest research suggests that stress might only be bad for you if you frame it that way. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal tells you how to make stress your friend.

How Grief Can Enable Nurses to Endure

Burnout is something we talk about a lot. But you can take a page from ICU nurse Alina Sato, who learned to reframe her natural response to pain and suffering and embrace grief in order to be better.

The Emergency Room: A Window Into Us

In Dr. Louis Profeta’s TED Talk, you’ll be guided through an emotional but entertaining journey that will be sure to challenge your perspective on the emergency room.

World-Class Health Care

Is it possible to offer world-class healthcare in the developing world? After this TED Talk from Dr. Ernest Madu, who runs the Heart Institute of the Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica, you’ll agree the answer is yes.

A Tribute to Nurses

This feel-good TED Talk showcases personal stories from many of our frontline heroes working in healthcare. It’s sure to inspire anyone working in the field today.

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