3 Reasons to Consider Coming Out of Retirement as a Nurse Right Now

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Have you ever considered coming out of retirement and returning to your career as a nurse? Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, might not seem like the best time to do that—but the opposite is true. There are several great reasons to consider coming out of retirement and returning to patient care. Here are three of the big ones:

1.) You can help during a crisis.

Make no mistake—the COVID-19 crisis is still alive and well, and nowhere is this more obvious than on the frontlines of the healthcare profession. With new variants of the virus cropping up and people still getting sick, you have the skills to be able to help. And because wards are full of COVID patients, people with other ailments still need quality care, too. Whether you want to work on the frontlines of the pandemic or help in another kind of facility, your services are greatly needed.

2.) You can give current staff a much-needed break.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals have been struggling on the frontlines for nearly two full years. Instances of burnout and outright quitting have never been higher. To put it simply, nurses are feeling it, and they could use a break. If you come out of retirement now, you’re bolstering the staff at the facility at a crucial time and giving those who have been working tirelessly, a much-needed rest.

3.) It’s an excellent time to be a nurse.

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are paying higher rates than they ever have, and many are offering lucrative sign-on bonuses and other perks that you may not have had access to in the past. It pays to be a nurse right now. Plus, there are plenty of job opportunities as facilities struggle to find qualified staff, so finding an opening isn’t a concern.

Reignite Your Nursing Career with 24/7 MedStaff

If you’re interested in coming out of retirement as a nurse, you don’t have to jump into full-time work if you don’t want to. Travel positions and part-time or per diem work are great options, too. And 24/7 MedStaff can help you find a role that you love. Get in touch with one of our recruiters and visit our Job Board to view open positions.

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Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Mar 07, 2022