3 Signs a Career in Pediatric Healthcare is Right for You

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Not everyone is cut out for a career in pediatric healthcare. But for those that are, this career path is an incredibly rewarding one. Whether you’re a soon-to-be or recent medical school graduate, or you’re considering a career change, you might be wondering whether pediatrics is right for you. Here are three signs a career in pediatric healthcare is right for you:

1.) You’re patient.

If you’ve spent any time at all around young children, you know that their attention spans aren’t very long. And most children aren’t fond of visiting the doctor; some will be downright terrified. That’s why a great measure of patience is a key characteristic to have when working in pediatrics. You’ll be dealing with a lot of kids who don’t want to be there – you'll need to be patient when working with children of all ages.

2.) You have perspective.

There are pediatricians who work in specialized fields, but many are general pediatricians who treat all children. That’s why it’s important to have perspective when working in pediatrics – you'll be treating a wide variety of kids from every background. It’s essential that you have the perspective and frame of mind to be aware of the factors that affect a child’s health, development, growth, and well-being. Those factors include socioeconomic, cultural, educational, and racial ones. With perspective, you avoid or at least lessen the chance of bias seeping into your work.

3.) You notice the little things.

Young children aren’t as good at expressing themselves and their emotions as adults are. This can be because they’re too young to have the vocabulary, or because they’re upset, frustrated, or nervous. That’s why being able to notice nonverbal cues and other small details is so important as a pediatric healthcare professional. If you’re good at noticing the little things and you can identify when you’re seeing something outside of the norm, you’re probably well cut-out for the pediatric field.

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Posted in Job Seekers on Jun 06, 2022