3 Warning Signs Your Facility is Short Staffed

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We're nearly two full years into a global pandemic. The increased anxiety, burnout, and depression that many healthcare professionals are now facing is one of the reasons that medical facilities are dealing with short staffing issues. But because facilities are so busy, it's easy for administrators and supervisors to miss the fact that the organization is in fact, short on nurses.

Are you short on essential medical personnel? Here are three warning signs that your facility needs help:

1.) Staff is begging for additional help.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to determine if your facility is short-staffed is to listen. Listen to what your existing staff members are telling you. Have you been hearing them ask for additional help? Do supervisors come to you asking if shifts can be moved around or if nurses can work double shifts? These are signs that your staff needs help—it's important to act quickly to rectify the problem.

2.) Errors are increasing in frequency.

When your staff is overworked, mistakes happen. Misdiagnoses, errors in medication administration, mixed-up charts... the list goes on. Of course, in the medical field, mistakes like these aren't simple nuisances. They have real, potentially life-altering consequences, not to mention legal ramifications. Your facility simply can't afford to let errors slide. That's why maintaining adequate staffing is so important.

3.) Workplace injuries are spiking.

The patients under your facility's care aren't the only ones at risk if you're short-staffed. Your nurses and medical professionals themselves might start to be affected, quite physically at that. Spikes in workplace injuries are often a result of short staffing; your employees try to do something themselves, like lifting a patient, when they really should be asking for help. And when employees get injured, they may be out of work for a time, making your shortage even worse.

Need To Hire Qualified Medical Staff?

That's where we come in. 24/7 MedStaff can supply you with the medical professionals and nurses you need to keep patient outcomes positive and help as many people as you possibly can. If your workplace injury and error rates are rising and your existing staff is in desperate need of help, act fast—contact us today to source qualified medical help for your facility.

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Posted in Managers on Feb 14, 2022