5 Tips on How to Survive Working the Night Shift in Healthcare

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<p>Working the night shift in a healthcare setting definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s a tough job, but a rewarding one. If you’ve recently found yourself transitioning to night shift work, here are some tips to help you get through it:</p>
<h3>1.) Get enough sleep.</h3>
<p>Night shift work is sure to disrupt most healthcare workers’ sleep schedules. That’s why making sure you get enough sleep outside of work is essential. Without it, you’ll be groggy when you’re on the job, and that’s not good for anyone. You’ll need to train your body and mind to establish a new sleep routine – stick with it until it becomes a habit. </p>
<h3>2.) Trust your coworkers.</h3>
<p>Your coworkers are your best friends during the night shift. That’s one of the best things about this particular shift – the camaraderie and closeness that comes from working when most other people are sound asleep. Remember that you’re all in it together, and rely on your night shift coworkers whenever you need them. </p>
<h3>3.) Monitor your health.</h3>
<p>Don’t forget to pay attention to your body as you’re transitioning into night shift work. If you need sleep, sleep. If you’re hungry, eat something. And outside of work, be sure to keep yourself healthy by eating right, exercising regularly, and keeping up with doctor’s appointments and physical checkups. Night shift can be hard on the body. In fact, night shift nurses are at a greater risk for high blood pressure, fatigue, weight gain, and even diabetes. That's why it’s so important to keep yourself healthy. </p>
<h3>4.) Stay busy.</h3>
<p>There’s nothing worse than a long night with nothing to do. Keep yourself busy during your night shifts. Even if all of your patients are asleep, you can get a head start on other types of work, like charting or stocking. Do what you can to support the day-shift staff that will be arriving in the morning. Teamwork is what it’s all about, and it will make the shift go faster, too. </p>
<h3>5.) Maintain a healthy work-life balance.</h3>
<p>Don’t let night shift work start to alienate you from friends and family outside of the office. Be sure to keep up with social interaction and maintain close relationships in whatever way you can. Plan your off-time to make sure you’re still able to do the things you love. </p>
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