5 Unexpected Questions to Ask Your Next Healthcare Candidate


Looking for your next healthcare all-star? To weed out the best of the best and really find the candidates who will help your organization thrive, consider asking some unexpected questions during the interview process. The goal is not to trip your candidates up; it’s to find the best fit for your organization.

Consider these unexpected questions for your next round of interviews:

1.) How do you work as a part of a healthcare team?

The best healthcare professionals know that it’s not a one-person show. They work as part of a team to affect positive patient outcomes. And thinking about how they mesh within a team is very important. Ask this question to really get at the root of your candidates’ organizational and team fit.

2.) How do you keep up with the latest industry trends and happenings?

You want healthcare experts who are in tune with the state of the industry and keep up with news, events, and trends in healthcare. Ask this question to gauge a candidate’s commitment and engagement level with the healthcare industry. The most involved candidates are often the best caregivers.

3.) What would you change about our organization if you could change one thing?

Not only does this question give you insight into how much a candidate has researched your company, but it also lets you see how they think. Those who are striving to constantly improve won’t be afraid to speak up when they see something that could be made better. And that’s the kind of forward-thinking your company needs.

4.) What healthcare trends do you think show the most promise for the future?

Your healthcare organization wants people on the cutting edge of the field who are thinking about how healthcare will change and grow in the coming years. Asking a question like this can give you key insights into how much your candidate is engaged in their job field, and it can spark ideas on where to innovate next.

5.) How do you respond to family members who aren’t satisfied with their loved one’s care?

One of the trickiest parts of healthcare is dealing with family members, especially when those individuals aren’t satisfied with the care their loved one is receiving. Gauging how a candidate has dealt with these issues in the past is a good indicator of how they’ll deal with them in the future.

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Posted in Managers on Apr 11, 2022