5 Ways You Can Take Initiative and Advance Your Healthcare Career

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Are you interested in growing in your healthcare career? It’s up to you to take the initiative and make something happen. But how exactly do you do that? Here are five tips for advancing your career and achieving your goals:

1.) Become a leader.

Becoming a leader at your place of work is a great way to grow and advance your career. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to have a certain title to be a leader. You can act as a leader even if you’re not a supervisor or team lead. Don’t boss others around, but be there to support and direct your fellow team members when necessary. Management will take notice!

2.) Use your network.

Remember all that time you spent cultivating your professional network? The past coworkers, former supervisors, professors, hiring managers, and recruiters you’ve met along your journey? That network is there for a reason. It might be time to use it to your advantage if you’re trying to advance your healthcare career. Reach out to your contacts and see if anyone has leads on a job you’re interested in.

3.) Find a mentor.

Having a dedicated mentor to help guide you through your career is a great way to advance. It’s not this person’s job to get you a better position — that’s yours. But they can help you develop the character traits necessary to get ahead in your field. And that will translate to a better position, a higher rank at your current company, or more opportunities.

4.) Advance your education or training.

Getting more education is a sure-fire way to advance your career. When you gain specialized certifications, degrees, or knowledge, you can command a higher salary. And it doesn’t always have to mean going back to school. Ask your boss about on-the-job training or shadowing that you might be able to do. It can pay off in a big way.

5.) Take some risks.

Apply for jobs you don’t think you fully qualify for. Reach out to hiring managers at facilities you admire. Ask your peers or past coworkers about other places they’ve worked. Taking some risks in this fashion is a good way to put yourself out there and achieve your dreams.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Career?

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Posted in Job Seekers on Mar 29, 2021