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Many of us — employees, team supervisors, and leadership alike — tend to roll our eyes at the mention of team-building activities. Often, they can feel like a waste of time. But the truth is that team-building activities are important for doing just that: building camaraderie and fostering solid working relationships between team members. Below, learn about some team building ideas that your company members will actually enjoy:

Office Trivia

Who doesn’t like a trivia game? Playing office trivia is a great way to help new team members learn more about your company and even help veterans brush up on things they might have forgotten. All you have to do is come up with a list of trivia questions about your company or organization, and divide the workplace into teams. Whichever team gets the most answers right wins!


Get the team together in a big circle. One person starts off by narrating the first three lines of a made-up story. Then, that person says “suddenly.” The next person in the circle must continue the story for three lines before passing it onto the next person. It’s a great way to get people thinking creatively and coming up with on-the-spot solutions to complex problems.

Birthday Line Up

Want a good way to improve communication among your team? Birthday line-up might be a fun way to do it. Get participants to stand side-by-side in a line. Then, the participants must organize themselves in order by their birthdays (you don’t have to include the year). But here’s the catch: the participants can’t speak to each other and must organize themselves using only non-verbal communication.

Shark Tank

Have you ever watched Shark Tank? Playing a version of the game inside your company is a good way to work on team building and strengthen business thinking. It’s especially effective if your company is involved in marketing, sales, and similar fields. Simply divide the team into a few groups and have each one pitch a great business idea, complete with a brand name, marketing plan, and financial data. Then, have each team pitch their idea in front of “investors.” Whichever team gets the highest investment wins.

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Posted in Managers on Oct 22, 2021