Bilingual Nurses Are Changing the Game in Healthcare

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Picture this: You’re in another country where you don’t speak the language. You get sick or injured and need to go to the hospital, but no one can understand you. Scary stuff! Now, imagine that a nurse there understood you and was able to speak your language to help put your mind at ease. This is the power of bilingual nurses.

Being bilingual in the healthcare field is a great thing for you as a medical professional and for the patients under your care. According to data from, English is the most spoken language in America, followed by Spanish. After that comes a variety of Chinese languages, including Mandarin and Cantonese, and then Tagalog (Filipino) and Vietnamese. Whether you speak one of these foreign languages or multiple, you’re a hot commodity in healthcare.

Advantages for Nurses

The main advantage of being bilingual as a nurse is obvious: it opens you up to more job opportunities, not to mention higher pay. In interviews, you’ll be able to draw on this skill as a reason to be paid more, especially if you work in an area with a high population of speakers of a certain language. Because hospitals and other kinds of healthcare facilities are looking for staff who can communicate with a wide variety of patients, you’ll have more opportunities and the chance to make more in them.

If you’re a member of the population yourself, it opens up another great advantage as a nurse: You’re familiar with the community, their values and traditions, and their healthcare culture. For example, you might be familiar with the typical diet of a certain culture and how it can influence health. That gives you a leg up when it comes to treating patients within that community.

Advantages for Patients

For patients, having a nurse that literally speaks their language is a huge advantage. This leads to smooth communication, more accurate diagnoses, and better treatment plans. And the advantage extends beyond the patient to their family members, too. Often, it can be frustrating for family members whose loved one is receiving care at a medical institution that doesn’t speak their language. When you are bilingual, you’ll be able to communicate with those individuals to help keep everyone on the same page.

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