Building an Efficient Onboarding Process for 2022

<p>What does your healthcare facility's onboarding process look like? If a new hire isn't given a thoughtful, thorough onboarding, those first few weeks – or months – can feel like a

Here are three tips for building a better onboarding process this year:

Assign a mentor or buddy.

Each new hire should have an assigned mentor or buddy from day one. This individual can help them navigate their new environment, answer any questions they have, and guide them through the tasks they need to complete. In healthcare, where even the smallest details make a huge difference, having that more senior person there to assist and ease the transition will be a great help for new hires.

Have a schedule.

Onboarding without a schedule just doesn't work. You need to set a defined timeline and schedule that your new hires follow – start with a walkthrough and introductions and show them their workspace, and be sure to note any safety protocols and standard procedures as you go. Have an idea of what you want to accomplish on the first day, within the first three days, and in the first week. Think about how long you want new hires to work with their mentor or buddy until they're set loose to care for patients on their own. Having these parameters in place ahead of time is crucial for the success of your onboarding process as a whole.

Follow up frequently.

Throughout the onboarding process, whether it takes weeks or months, you'll want to follow up with your new hires regularly. Some facilities follow the 30-60-90 day plan, in which you check in with employees after a month, two months, and three months. Whatever schedule works best for you, be sure to stick to it – you'll want to solicit honest feedback from your new hires about how they're feeling, what works about your onboarding process, and what doesn't. That way, you'll know how to adjust effectively to improve your onboarding as time goes on.

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Posted in Managers on Jul 25, 2022