Getting Nurses Excited for the New Year Ahead

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It's safe to say that 2021 was a year we won't soon forget. It was a tough year for many of us, just like 2020 was, and nurses and healthcare professionals continued to bear the weight of that burden. It can be difficult to keep your spirits up and get excited for the year ahead—but when you take a positive outlook, you serve your patients best.

Here are some ways to get excited as we wrap up 2021 and head into 2022:

Take care of yourself.

Nursing is a difficult profession. And the pandemic only made it more so. Remember to take care of yourself as this year ends and the new one begins—it's the only way to stay healthy and approach your job the way you need to. Eat right, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Focus on your mental health; if you're struggling, ask for help.

Avoid the office politics.

It's tempting to get drawn into gossip and office politics the longer you're at a job. But it's important to resist this urge and stay away from it. No good can come of getting mired down in politics, rumors, and gossip. Over time, you'll come to dislike your job and coworkers, and it can really start to affect your entire career in a negative way if you let it. Focus on empowering others and being a source of encouragement and positivity. It'll make you and everyone around you better.

Use your support network.

Your fellow nurses, your supervisors, friends and family... these are the people you connect with on a daily basis. Use these people when you need them—simply talking to someone else about something unrelated to work can be a wonderful way to unplug and decompress. Then, when you return to your job, you'll feel that much more refreshed.

Focus on your goals.

What do you want to achieve as a nurse? Whether it's learning new skills, advancing in your career, or helping as many patients as you possibly can, keeping laser-focused on your goals is the best way to get excited as the new year approaches. Just think of the possibilities 2022 provides; it's up to you to take the reins and achieve your dreams as this year comes to a close.

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Posted in Managers on Dec 03, 2021