How to Connect With Your Team When Working a Contract Assignment

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One of the downsides of working contract assignments is that you’re not usually in one place for a long time. That can make it challenging to build meaningful relationships with your teammates. And while you don’t need to become your colleagues’ next best friend, you’ll want to have meaningful connections so that the entire team functions better. Here are some suggestions for doing just that:

Do great work.

The first tip is a simple one: do your best work. When you’re a great coworker and an asset to the team, your colleagues will appreciate it. That makes it much, much easier to build connections and develop that mutual respect that’s so important in the workplace.

Be a team player.

Remember: just because you’re a contract worker doesn’t mean you’re not part of the team. And it’s your responsibility to mesh with the existing team and become a valued part of the whole — being a team player is very important. That means asking for help when you need it, and giving it to others when they do.

Communicate and be transparent.

Of course, communicating regularly is an essential step for building meaningful connections with your coworkers. Try being more transparent than you might otherwise. This doesn’t mean you have to share every detail of your life, but telling your new coworkers about a personal anecdote or shared experiences can help build bonds.

Show appreciation.

This goes back to being a team player. Show appreciation for your coworkers when it’s due. Taking all the credit won’t make you a beloved coworker — giving it your all and acknowledging the efforts of others at the same time will. Everyone likes to feel recognized and appreciated, and it’s a fantastic way to start building better connections while on a contract assignment.

Accept constructive criticism.

No one likes someone who thinks they’re always right. If your team members give you constructive criticism, don’t take it offensively. Use it to improve your own performance and approach. Your coworkers will respect that and it will help you build connections that last.

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Posted in General Healthcare, Job Seekers on Jun 28, 2021