How to Deal With Stress at Work and Avoid Burnout

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Everyone gets stressed at work sometimes. But when it becomes a regular occurrence, it’s a quick path to full-fledged burnout. And when that happens, your productivity can drop, and it can start having real effects on your career and your health.

Let’s take a look at how to deal with stress at work and avoid burnout.

Know the signs of stress and burnout.

The first step is to know what to look for when it comes to work-related stress and eventual burnout. Common signs include exhaustion, frequent headaches, dreading work, loss of interest in what you do, lower self-esteem, and calling out of work more frequently. If you’re starting to notice these things in yourself, it’s time to address them head-on.

Recharge away from work.

It’s important that you make the most of the time you have away from work. Take time to yourself to do things that are good for you — exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep. And make some time for things you enjoy. Hobbies, shopping, a spa day… the list goes on. It’s all about having a proper work/life balance. When work starts to take over your whole life, you’ll be burnt out in no time at all.

Re-think those negative thoughts.

When you’re continuously stressed, your mind tends to find the bad in every situation. But you can make a point to re-think your negative thoughts and flip them into something positive. For example, if your coworker doesn’t send a “thank you” email back to you, you might assume they’re ignoring you or are holding a grudge. But take a moment to step back and ask yourself it’s really that big of a deal. More than likely, they just forgot to respond.

Try relaxation techniques.

Research relaxation techniques like mindfulness, deep breathing, and meditation. These techniques help millions of employees relax and focus on the job. It’s a great way to create some peace and stillness in your life, and it can help you ease your anxiety and stay away from burnout. Give various relaxation techniques a try and see what works for you.

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Posted in General Healthcare on Jan 11, 2021