How to Do Well During a Zoom Interview

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In 2020, Tech Republic reported that 86% of companies were conducting interviews via Zoom. Virtual interviews became a necessity during COVID. They’re not going away today, either. Zoom interviews have some benefits over in-person hiring. Remote candidates can interview face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) without having to drive or fly into an office. Virtual interviewing can increase the speed of hiring, too, and completely eliminate the need for an in-office meeting. They also allow entire hiring panels to interview a candidate from anywhere in the world.

For candidates, it’s clear that Zoom interviews are something that you’ll encounter sometime soon. That makes learning how to do well on a virtual interview very important to your job search. Here are some tips that will help.

Six Tips for Zoom Interview Success:

1.) Look into the camera when speaking.

We know it may be easier to maintain eye contact when you are face-to-face. When you’re screen-to-screen, try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer by looking into the camera when you’re answering a question. Practice this before the interview because it can feel a little disconcerting at first. Your goal is to make the interviewer think you’re looking directly at them instead of your own face on the screen.

2.) Watch your background.

We know you’ve heard this one before, but you will be judged for the professionalism of your background. We recommend a virtual background that looks like an office. You could also just have a blank wall background or have a few carefully selected possessions behind you. Either way, your background matters more than you might think so consider it carefully.

3.) Lighting also matters.

You probably want lighting in front of the computer, so perhaps you can select a room with some natural light where you can sit facing the window. You don’t want the window behind you because it will put your face in shadow.

4.) Get rid of distractions.

No cats, dogs barking, or children. You’ll want a quiet space to be able to focus specifically on what the interviewer says. Find a room with a door and close it. Shut windows to block outside noises. Certainly, cut off any music or the television.

5.) Just like in any interview, silence your phone.

There is nothing more distracting than a text coming in or the ping announcing its arrival. Having your phone ring is simply embarrassing. We recommend putting your phone away about 10-minutes before the interview so you can concentrate on doing your best.

6.) Keep your focus on the screen when the interviewer is talking.

Don’t look away. Just like in an on-site interview, maintaining your focus on the hiring manager or team shows them a great deal of respect. Actively listen to what they are saying and if you experience a problem hearing, ask them to clarify. Nodding and asking questions based on what they say is also important.

Ready for your next Zoom Interview?

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Posted in Job Seekers on Feb 28, 2022