How to Show People You Are Trustworthy

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In a medical job setting, trust is extremely important. In fact, it can be a matter of life and death. Your teammates need to trust you to do your job, and vice versa. Your patients trust you to give them the best possible care. And the most trustworthy individuals in a healthcare team invariably rise to the top, whether they’re designated as leaders or not. So, how can you show your team members and patients that you’re trustworthy?

Be authentic.

The top ingredient for building trust? Authenticity. Be yourself, and people will trust you. Putting on a face or trying to act like someone you’re not is the quickest way to destroy bonds. When you’re open, honest, and transparent with those around you, on the other hand, you’re fostering trust.

In the medical field, being authentic means you’re providing a better bedside experience if you interact directly with patients. Even if you don’t, being authentic means you’re reducing the risk of errors or mistakes. Remember: part of being authentic is admitting when you don’t know something or when you need help. That’s important whether you’re new to a position or a seasoned veteran.

Be empathetic.

Empathy is one of the hardest things to master for some healthcare professionals, even those in high-level leadership positions. Empathy and sympathy are different things; sympathy means you feel sorry for someone. Empathy means you understand someone. Most of the time, your patients and your fellow team members need you to empathize, not sympathize. When you can do that effectively, you’re building a foundational relationship of trust.

Be logical.

Say you’re making an argument for a certain treatment plan, or debating a new way of performing a process at your facility. If your argument didn’t come from a sound, logical place, why would anyone give it any credence? One of the best ways to show people that you’re trustworthy is to be logical when approaching a problem or conflict. Others will respect that, and in turn, they’ll trust your judgment. And trusting your judgment really means they trust you.

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Posted in General Healthcare on Oct 15, 2021