5 Tips for Building a Trusting Relationship With Your Team

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As a manager or department head, you know that having a trusting relationship with your team is one of the most critical aspects of your job. You want your team members to be able to communicate with you when they have a problem or concern, and feel that you have their back no matter what. Here are five ways you can ensure you have a trusting relationship with every member of your team:

1: Be open, honest, and transparent.

Being open and honest with your team members is the number-one way to foster a trusting relationship. Giving non-answers, half-truths, or outright deceiving your team is not a good way to build quality relationships of any kind, much less trusting ones. Stay consistent with your communication and approach to team members, and make it clear that you’re there for them whenever you’re needed.

2: Hold your team and yourself accountable.

Hold your team to a high set of standards — and hold yourself to them, too. When your team members see that you’re walking the walk and holding yourself to the very same standards that you expect them to adhere to, it builds trust. Otherwise, it just looks like you’re writing your own rules, which will only breed resentment.

3: Set realistic goals.

If you set goals that aren’t lofty enough, it might make your employees feel that you don’t trust them to do good work. Set them too high and it can make employees feel overwhelmed and burnt out, and they might start to question your judgment. The trick is finding the perfect balance in between: set realistic goals that you know your team can achieve if they challenge themselves.

4: Don’t micromanage.

No one likes a micromanaging boss. And it’s a quick way to erode trust within your team. If your team members feel that they’re constantly being watched in case they slip up, they’ll never feel trusted. Leave your employees to do what they do best, and only step in when necessary.

5: Avoid gossip at all costs.

Few things can destroy trust among team members faster than gossip, especially gossip between a manager and a subordinate. Never engage in gossip, and try to ferret it out and destroy it if you’re aware it’s happening amongst your team.

Build a Team You Can Trust

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Posted in Managers on May 17, 2021