How You Can Achieve the Best Work-Life Balance as a Nurse

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Maintaining a good work-life balance isn’t just a suggestion. It’s an integral part of being successful at your job and for staying physically and mentally healthy. As a nurse, you’re constantly under pressure, and you’re frequently being pulled in multiple directions at once — it’s definitely not easy to achieve a healthy work-life balance. But you can do it. Here’s how:

Work the schedule that’s right for you.

The same kind of shift doesn’t suit every single nurse. Some people like working the day shift, the 9-to-5, the daily grind. Others find more comfort and success working nights. There’s also a second shift as a kind of hybrid between the two. While you can’t always choose the shift you work, you can try and request more shifts during the times you are most efficient. Or, you might be able to trade shifts with other nurses who prefer something different.

Invest in your own self-care.

It’s very important to invest in self-care outside of work. When you’re off, take time to yourself. Do things you enjoy — read a book, go to the spa, relax with family and friends. Taking this time to recharge and reset is imperative. And be sure to eat right and frequently exercise to get those endorphins flowing. Last but not least, get enough sleep. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself mentally and physically!

Learn to say “no.”

This applies both on the job and off. Suppose you’re already overwhelmed with tasks while on the floor, learn to say “no” if you can’t fit them into your schedule, or explain that you may not be the best person to ask. And when you’re not at work, allow yourself permission to turn down initiations or commitments that will pack your schedule too much. It’s okay to take time to yourself even if others want a piece of it!

Ask for help when you need it.

If your responsibilities at work are overwhelming you, talk to your supervisor about offloading some of your work onto other nurses. If you find that your home life is becoming overwhelming, ask your partner or children to help out around the house. And if you’re struggling to the point of burnout, consider talking to a professional or contacting the HR department for help.

Achieve Your Balance With 24/7 MedStaff

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