Improving Your Nurse Retention Rates

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The past two years have put an incredible strain on our healthcare professionals, and we’re seeing significant staffing shortages in the nursing profession as a result. That, combined with greater numbers of Baby Boomers retiring from the workforce, means healthcare facilities are in need of talented nursing staff more than ever before. And retaining the great talent you already have is paramount, too.

Here are four ways to improve your nurse retention rates:

Offer competitive pay and benefits.

To keep your facility’s highly skilled nursing professionals happy, you need to offer competitive, industry-leading pay and benefits. That includes a competitive salary, health insurance, 401k plans, PTO and vacation time, and perks to sweeten the deal even further. Today’s nursing staff want flexible scheduling options, and you might also consider adding wellness plans or help with student debt to further entice your best talent to stay.

Provide room for growth and advancement.

Nurses won’t stick around in a job that they feel doesn’t help them grow. But when you provide continuing education opportunities as well as paths for career growth and advancement, you’re giving your best nurses a reason to remain at your facility. You can also implement mentorship programs or provide leadership development courses. Growth initiatives like these have been proven to improve retention rates.

Recognize and reward hard work.

Nurses are used to putting others first, day in and day out. If they’re never recognized for that selfless work, it can start to feel like they’re not appreciated. That’s why taking the time to recognize – and reward – your nurses’ never-ending commitment is so important. Recognize great work publicly, and reward your nursing staff with bonuses, paid time off, or special perks and privileges.

Be an advocate for your nurses.

Listening to your nurses’ feedback and acting as an advocate for them to upper management or stakeholders is so important. When your nurses feel that management has their back, they feel cared for, valued, and appreciated. That goes a long way when it comes to retention – nurses want to work in a setting where they’re listened to and advocated for.

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Posted in General Healthcare, Managers on Jun 13, 2022