LinkedIn Best Practices for Healthcare Job Seekers

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There is one social networking site made specifically for professionals: LinkedIn. If you’re not already on the site, you should be. It’s one of the best ways to stay current with your industry, connect with peers and other professionals, and even find jobs. If you’re using LinkedIn to find your next opportunity, be sure to follow these quick tips to make the most of it:

Polish your profile.

An incomplete or sloppy LinkedIn profile won’t get you far. Upload a professional headshot for your profile picture, if you have one, or a good-looking picture at the very least. Edit your headline to provide a concise but compelling summary of who you are and what you can offer. Fill in your work history and experience, and try to get peers or former coworkers to write up a few blurbs to appear in your Recommendations section.

Be an active user.

LinkedIn won’t be of much use to you if you don’t, well… use it. Be an active user of the site — connect with people in your industry, interact on job boards and forums, reach out to recruiters. Answer the message if a recruiter contacts you. Having a polished profile, then sitting back and waiting for something to happen, isn’t the approach that will pay off.

Do your research.

Another great thing about LinkedIn is that it’s the perfect place to do research on particular types of jobs, as well as specific companies and even employees of those companies. Coming into an interview situation knowing all you can about the company’s values and mission, as well as the experience and skills of the team you’ll potentially be working with, is a huge leg up.

Show your skills and expertise.

LinkedIn’s Answers tab allows you to ask questions of other people in your industry, or answer others’ questions, which can attract hiring managers. You can also highlight your skills and expertise by showcasing specific projects or assignments under your work history area. If you have a personal portfolio or website, add it to your headline and description. Use LinkedIn page as an advertising tool — remember, you’re selling yourself to the companies you’re trying to attract!

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Posted in Job Seekers on May 24, 2021