Nursing School Graduate? What’s Next?

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You've recently graduated from nursing school – congratulations! Now what?

Aside from sitting for the NCLEX-RN exam and passing it to become registered where you want to practice, you have a few options. For many nurses who have just graduated, they're ready to jump right into the workforce and find their first job. Others wish to continue their education. Still, others want to pursue a specialty and become more acquainted with a particular area of nursing. These are all viable options – let's explore each in more detail.

Find Your First Job

Many recent nursing grads are ready to start making an income – and paying down school debt – by entering the workforce after school. You'll want to make some important decisions about your career, including: What kind of facility do you want to work in The size and scope of the medicine you want to practice The type and number of patients you want to care for There are so many types of nursing, from critical care nursing to family practice nursing to general nursing and everything in between. Narrow down what you're looking for, and then start applying!

Continue Your Schooling

You've just graduated with your Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN). But that is by no means the pinnacle of where you can take your education. Many nursing graduates elect to continue on in their schooling, whether it's to receive a Master's degree in nursing or study a particular area, like surgery, anesthesiology, or pediatrics.

Consider a Specialty

Aside from returning to school to study a medical specialty like those described above, you can also consider exploring a special area of nursing like travel nursing, or home care nursing. These fields are more popular than ever, and they pay well, too. And you don't have to work for a hospital organization or a network of medical clinics. There are all sorts of other opportunities for nurses who want to work in other kinds of facilities – school nurses, for example, or correctional facilities.

Recent Grads: Check Out Our Opportunities

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Posted in Job Seekers on May 23, 2022