Positive Employer Branding Can Help Recruit Top Talent

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Now more than ever, people are critical about the type of company they choose to devote their time to. And that’s only becoming more common as Gen Z enters the workforce. That means that your company branding needs to be appealing to everyone. How can you make that happen?

Pay attention to your company reviews.

One of the first ways that potential employees get a sense of your company is through reviews, especially on sites like Glassdoor. And if you have a bunch of bad reviews, it certainly doesn’t help your reputation with new recruits. Take time to look at these reviews and note what complaints past employees have had, and take steps to change things. Create an account on sites like Glassdoor so that you can leave an official company response to complaints. That way, people reading the reviews can at least see both sides of the story.

Maintain your presence in your industry.

One way to have a good reputation in your industry is by maintaining a strong presence. Be one of the leading employers in your field, and great employees will come to you. Maintain a presence at major industry conferences, career fairs, conventions, and other events. Be visible to candidates and your competitors. It’s simply one of the best recruiting tactics out there.

Treat your existing employees well.

The best way to maintain a positive employer brand is to treat the employees you have in the right way. After all, every one of your existing employees is a brand ambassador for your company in some way or another. Invest in employee engagement efforts like continuing education; reward great work and high-performing individuals; be transparent about the company’s overall performance and keep open lines of communication between employers and supervisors and executives. Steps like these make your company a great place to work, and word will get out.

Put Your Brand to Good Use

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Posted in Managers on Jan 18, 2021