Preparing Your Healthcare Team for the Second Wave of COVID-19

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While there is some debate as to whether or not we’re already in a second wave of COVID-19, or perhaps beyond that and into a third or even fourth wave, one thing is for sure: the numbers are spiking all over the country. And with the holiday season bearing down, it’s safe to say that hospitals and healthcare facilities must be prepared to see more COVID-19 patients in the coming weeks and months. Here are some essential tips for getting your team ready:

Stockpile essential PPE.

You don’t want to deal with a PPE shortage when the wave of cases hits. Make sure your facility is stocked with enough gloves, face shields, gowns, coveralls or aprons, and other personal protective gear that your team members might require. This is not the time to be conservative about the estimates of equipment you might need — it’s far better to have too much than too little.

Revisit training protocols for transmission prevention.

Re-train your staff on the proper protocols and policies that reduce exposure to COVID-19 (and other harmful pathogens or agents) and avoid transmission of the virus. Make sure that each and every member of your facility’s team is aware of what they need to do on a daily basis to keep themselves and those around them protected.

Consider alternative care resources for non-COVID patients.

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities postponed appointments this year for patients with non-life-threatening conditions. You’ll want to consider keeping up this strategy as we continue to navigate the pandemic. And keep in mind that alternative care resources, like telemedicine, can allow patients to receive care even when they’re not at your facility physically.

Provide psychological and behavioral support options.

Your staff members are working long, hard hours through a pandemic on a scale the world has rarely seen. That takes its toll mentally, psychologically, and physically. Make sure that your team members have access to counseling and behavioral support options if they need it.

Be honest about your staffing needs.

When the numbers spike in your area, you might need additional staff to help with the surge. Be honest about what you might need in terms of additional staff and have a contingency plan in place to use when the time comes.

Be Prepared With the Staff You Need

Are you making plans to combat a potential second wave of COVID-19 cases as the year comes to an end? We can help with your staffing needs. Call the professionals at 24/7 MedStaff to get started.

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Posted in Managers on Nov 23, 2020