Retaining Your Healthcare Team in 2022

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The Great Resignation has impacted industries of all sorts over the past year or so, and the healthcare world is no exception. Nurses are resigning in record numbers, and it’s more difficult than ever to retain your top team members. As you know, it’s far more costly to keep re-hiring again and again than it is to simply retain the great people you already have working for you.

As we continue forward in 2022, what can your organization do to keep your nurses and healthcare experts in place throughout the year?

Pay Team Members What They’re Worth

One of the simplest ways to retain your healthcare team this year? Pay them what they’re worth. Over the past two years, we’ve seen how valuable our frontline healthcare workers really are. They should be compensated fairly. If you’re not offering a competitive salary, your healthcare team members will soon find their way to other facilities where they can make more.

Offer Comprehensive Benefits

Remember that money isn’t everything. In addition to a competitive salary, your healthcare team members expect a comprehensive benefits package that includes things like health, vision, dental, 401k, paid leave, and more. Perks like paid parking, commuter assistance, childcare benefits, and other features certainly don’t hurt, either.

Provide Growth Opportunities

If your healthcare team members feel they’re stuck in a dead-end job with no hope for advancement, what reason do they have to stick around? Providing clear growth opportunities and career advancement paths is a great way to retain your top talent. When your team members see that they have a straightforward way to grow their skill sets, advance and level up in their career, and continue obtaining job satisfaction, they’ll stay happy.

Focus On Work-Life Balance

Now more than ever, work-life balance is essential for healthcare workers. As the employer, it’s your job to facilitate that. Whether it’s flexible scheduling, personal health initiatives, access to mental health resources, or an open-door communication policy with supervisors, make sure your team members know that you’re prioritizing work-life balance in order to keep them healthy. It’s an important step for the retention of your best employees.

Need Help Finding—and Keeping—Top Talent?

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Posted in General Healthcare, Managers on Mar 14, 2022