Is a Role in Healthcare Education Right for You?


Do you have a passion for the medical and healthcare world? Want to give something back through the power of education? If the answer to these questions is "yes," a career in healthcare education might be the perfect path for you. And there are more jobs in this area than you may imagine. Let's take a look at just a few so you can get a sense of whether the healthcare education field is right for you.

Patient Care Coordinator

Patient care coordinators assess, plan, and advocate for their patient's health needs, and a big part of their job is educating patients and family members about the care process. From developing care plans and consulting with patients for health histories, diagnoses, and care needs, communication is key in a role like this. But you can feel good about what you do—you're giving back by educating others on their own health.

Community Outreach Coordinator

In healthcare settings, community outreach coordinators are responsible for being the liaison between the healthcare system and the surrounding community. Duties might include brainstorming partnerships and engagement methods, maintaining a calendar for outreach events, and working directly with community partners to execute events. You'll be educating the public as well as healthcare partners about your events and initiatives, so it's a great choice for those interested in passing on the knowledge they have.

School Nurse

School nurses do more than put band-aids on scraped knees. They're largely responsible for proper health education in school systems. They're vital when it comes to promoting general health and safety in schools and even in local communities, and school nurses communicate with teachers, staff, and parents to promote the health and well-being of students. Of course, they also administer first-aid and other care when necessary, so it's the perfect marriage of healthcare and education.

Wellness Coordinator

District Wellness Coordinator, School Education Officer, Health and Wellness Program Coordinator... there are various names for this type of job. Duties include maintaining and updating student health records, coordinating annual vision and hearing screenings, developing and implementing network health policies, and promoting health in schools through educational channels. It's truly a role where education and health meet!

Ready for a New Career?

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Posted in Job Seekers on Jan 10, 2022