Standing Out from Other Healthcare Candidates

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Nursing and the healthcare field, in general, is a growing profession. There certainly are a lot of qualified candidates out there. How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Use the tips below to differentiate yourself in a sea of healthcare candidates:

Think about your hard and soft skills.

Perform a kind of personal inventory of your skills to determine what you’re best at and what you’re most qualified for. Then, you can begin applying to jobs that specifically allow you to highlight your strengths.

Take inventory of your hard skills. These are things that you’re best at on-the-job that you learned back in nursing school and perfected on the floor: taking blood pressure, inserting IV lines, performing a certain type of procedure. Also, think about your soft skills: things like empathy, bedside manner, flexibility, and communications skills are just as crucial in the healthcare field.

Continue improving.

Go beyond the continuing education that might be required for your job. Do your research to find out about advanced certifications or specialties that might help you advance in your career. These things make you more marketable to a wider variety of organizations and facilities. And you can also command a higher salary the more education and experience you gain.

Quantify your impact.

In an interview, you might be tempted to say something like, “I helped in a busy emergency room to process and clear out patients in a timely manner.” While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s rather vague. Quantify the impact you had with numbers. Say, “I helped in a busy emergency room to cut down the backlog by 50%.” This approach is often more impressive and tangible to hiring managers and department heads.

Be a team player.

No healthcare professional is an island. Contributing to the goal of the entire team is the name of the game. Make it clear during interviews and the job search in general that you’re a team player looking to add your skills to an already great team. If you’re easy to work with, you’ll have a much easier time standing out from the crowd!

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Posted in Job Seekers on May 10, 2021