Three Top Tips to Improve Your Bedside Manner

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Maintaining a positive bedside manner is about a lot more than just being polite. It can impact the reputation of your entire healthcare facility — the better your bedside manner, the higher patient satisfaction ratings you’ll see. You’ll reduce the chances of patient complaints and negative reviews, too.

So, what can you do to improve your bedside manner? Here are three top tips:

1. Listen carefully.

When you’re interacting with a patient, always try to listen first before you speak. You’re there to hear their concerns, validate those concerns, and help come to a solution. Don’t make assumptions early on in the interaction; encourage the patient to explain themselves fully and be completely transparent. Patients who feel that you’ve taken the time to hear them out will have a much better experience throughout their visit, and it’s important for proper diagnosis and treatment, too.

2. Think about your body language.

It’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you come across as you’re saying it. That’s why it’s so important to keep your body language in mind when you’re interacting with a patient at their bedside. Remain confident but relaxed — maintain eye contact and take care to avoid defensive postures, like crossing your arms over your chest. Maintain an open, positive body language that reflects the transparent, meaningful conversation you’re having with the patient at the same time.

3. Put things in layman’s terms.

One thing that can really turn patients off is complex medical jargon, especially when they’re frightened, confused, or in pain. Try to put things in layman’s terms when you can, rather than using a lot of complicated diagnostic language. You never want to make your patient feel embarrassed or unintelligent simply because they don’t understand you. Make it clear that you’re there to answer any questions they have throughout the diagnosis and treatment process, and that you’ll help them to understand everything to the best of your ability.

Put Your Bedside Manner to Good Use

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