Traveling for Work During the Holidays? Here Are Some Travel Tips

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There’s no denying that travel can be stressful, whether it’s for work or pleasure. And traveling during the holidays is even more daunting. If you have to travel for work during the holiday season, it’s important to do so in a smart way. Here are three tips for traveling for work during the holidays:

Research No Change Fees

Most major U.S. airlines did away with change fees during the pandemic, which allows travelers to change their flight dates and times if needed at no extra cost. You may be able to change your plans in a short time frame if necessary, without paying a dime—that's a big advantage when traveling during peak busy season at the holidays. And because work trips can be unpredictable, having that flexibility is a welcome benefit.

Check for Travel Vouchers

If you booked a non-refundable flight ticket and you needed to change your flight or it got cancelled, you should be able to get a travel voucher from the airline. This can be used for a free flight at a later time. Remember, though, that most travel vouchers are use-it-or-lose-it. If you don’t use it within a specified time period, it may expire.

Before booking your next flight, check to see if you may have travel vouchers from trips you’ve taken in the past. There’s a chance you have a travel voucher that hasn’t expired yet, and you may be able to snag a flight for free or at a reduced cost.

Know the Refund Policy

During the pandemic, the Department of Transportation told airlines to be more transparent with their refund policies during a time when so many travelers needed to get to their destinations but were facing increased financial hardship. That’s a good thing for travelers—you can be aware of the fine details of the airline’s refund policy long before you board your flight.

Remember that if you cancel your flight, you’ll get a travel voucher. If the airline cancels your flight, you’re entitled to a cash refund. One or the other may work better for you depending on your circumstance, so plan accordingly.

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Posted in General Healthcare on Nov 05, 2021