Ways to Boost Morale During a Difficult Time in Healthcare

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It goes without saying that it’s a difficult time to work in healthcare. We’ve all seen the news stories and social media posts about how tough the pandemic is on the employees of healthcare facilities. And your organization is no exception. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to boost morale during these tough times and get your team firing on all cylinders again.

Give praise and recognition.

Few things zap a team’s morale faster than feeling unrecognized for their hard work and dedication. So, make sure to praise your employees and give recognition where it’s due. It can be as simple as giving a team member verbal praise, or you can give shout-outs at the next team meeting. Or, you can reward your team members with small gifts, like gift cards or chocolates.

Have an office party.

Get everyone together and have an office party. No one turns down free food! Whether you hold your gathering in the break room at work or rent out a space outside of the office, bringing your team together — safely — is a great way to boost morale. Try hosting a pizza party at work or having an after-work happy hour with the team. It’ll allow your staff to reset and recharge.

Be flexible where you can.

If you’re able to offer flexible start and end times, or a modified schedule of some kind, do it. It’s a great way to show employees that you care about their work-life balance, and their well-being outside of their jobs. You might also dole out some extra vacation days when you can. There’s no question that your healthcare employees could use them.

Have games or raffles.

Try setting up fun games or raffles at the office and have your team members participate. Having a little fun is a great way to lighten the mood during such a serious time in healthcare. You might consider offering small prizes for winners to make it even more enticing.

Ask for employees’ feedback.

While it may not be the most glamorous way to boost morale, asking your employees for their feedback does make a big difference. When employees feel that their concerns and ideas are heard, they feel appreciated. Don’t slack on those employee feedback surveys — they’re more important now than ever.

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Posted in Managers on Mar 22, 2021