What Challenges May Healthcare Recruiters Face Over the Next Year

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact people’s lives in 2021, and is likely to do so for some time. The ongoing pandemic creates challenges when it comes to recruiting healthcare workers. Let’s take a look at some of those challenges and what to do about them as 2021 rolls on.

Higher demand and lower supply.

To put it in economic terms, there is a higher demand for qualified nurses and a lower supply. Hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the country need great staff more than ever as patient numbers swell. And outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and other kinds of healthcare facilities need help, too, especially as they deal with people recovering from COVID-19 and try to prevent patient or resident populations from contracting the virus. So, one challenge that healthcare recruiters face in 2021 is finding enough qualified nurses to fill the staffing needs of healthcare facilities.

Recruits may be found in new places.

When the standard recruitment channels aren’t as fruitful as they once were, innovative recruiters turn to new areas to source their talent. Organizations are reaching out to different professional groups — medical students, retired nurses who are willing to come back to work, and even the military in some cases — to help close that gap. Recruiters are also putting a greater emphasis on attracting travel nurses. Recruiters have even turned to companies who have been forced to furlough employees to make use of those individuals while they’re off work.

The recruitment process will be virtualized.

Even as social distancing and shelter-in-place edicts are lifted in many areas, it’s safe to say that the recruitment process will continue to be virtualized as we move through 2021. Career fairs and other professional expos aren’t likely to be a source of talent recruitment for a while. Instead, expect virtual career events, virtual interviews, and online onboarding to reign supreme as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

Face the Challenge Head-On

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Posted in Managers on Feb 15, 2021