Why Healthcare Workers Need to Make Their Mental Health a Priority

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As a healthcare worker, your whole job is to take care of others. And that can sometimes make it easy to neglect your own self-care. But there is clear evidence that problems start to arise when healthcare workers don’t make their own mental health a priority.

Here’s why it’s so important to pay attention to your own well-being, on the job and off:

When you’re suffering, you start to make mistakes.

Employees who are burned out in the mental health department can quickly start to see their on-the-job performance suffer. Making mistakes isn’t a good thing in any job. But there’s a difference between forgetting to forward that memo to your boss and forgetting a patient’s medication. In the healthcare profession, mistakes can literally be a matter of life and death!

When you maintain your mental health, you’re less likely to make critical mistakes that can negatively affect your patients’ health. That’s important at every stage of the healthcare process.

It can start to take a toll on your physical health.

A decline in mental health isn’t just all in the mind. It can start to affect you physically, too. Headaches, fatigue, a lack of exercise, increased dependence on substances like alcohol… these are very real physical problems that stem from poor mental health. And a healthcare professional who isn’t taking care of themselves can’t show up in the best way for the patients under their care.

Healthy employees are more engaged and productive.

Mentally healthy employees are more engaged in their work, including in one-on-one settings with patients. They’re more productive, too. That’s a good thing for the patients themselves, the rest of the team that the employee supports, and the healthcare facility as a whole. Leaders in the healthcare community have long known that a mentally healthy workforce leads to better patient care and increased revenue on the business side.

Need to Make a Change?

Suffering in a toxic work environment can make it nearly impossible to prioritize your own mental health. That’s when it’s time to make a change. 24/7 MedStaff can help. Contact us online and visit our job boards page to find open positions near you.

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Posted in Job Seekers on Dec 28, 2020